Seattle on a Sheet

It seems like @burritojustice‘s Islands of San Francisco map is flying around the ‘net. I just saw a retweet from Mike Jurewitz (aka @jury) that referenced it unsourced.

While his map is far more beautiful and informative, he credits me with inspiring him by producing a map I titled “Seattle on a Sheet.” I made this map in 2010, shortly after moving to Seattle, to help orient myself and flex my OmniGraffle skills. Unfortunately, all links to that file are now dead, as I’ve changed my online handle and web host since 2010.

Seeing that tweet spurred me to go looking for the original Seattle on a Sheet map, and after a brief trawling through Time Machine backups of a computer I’ve long since wiped and given to my mom, I found the map I thought was lost!

Here it is: Seattle on a Sheet.

edit: And now available in poster form from Zazzle!