My Email to Developer Programs regarding mandatory Apple ID password change

Every three months I'm forced to change my Apple ID password. This means remembering to update every single iCloud-capable device I own (currently six and growing); if I don't, my shared info like calendars gets out of sync and I, being the forgetful person I am, miss events and information. On top of that, the … Continue reading My Email to Developer Programs regarding mandatory Apple ID password change

Draft Proposal for Namespaces in Objective-C

Adding namespaces to Objective-C is a non-trivial problem. This proposal is a working draft; it may have bugs. (In particular, the definition of @namespace blocks and the @using directive is incomplete, but it's analogous enough to other languages that the intent should be obvious.) This draft will certainly need updates; I welcome comments at optshiftk … Continue reading Draft Proposal for Namespaces in Objective-C

Slides Available from “iCloud: Lessons Learned” Talk at Seattle Xcoders

Last Thursday I gave a talk at Seattle Xcoders titled "iCloud: Lessons Learned." I'm very grateful for the warm reception and the stunning turnout—there were over 40 attendees, many of whom asked some very good questions. By request, I have uploaded my slides. Hopefully they will be useful. If anyone happened to take video of … Continue reading Slides Available from “iCloud: Lessons Learned” Talk at Seattle Xcoders

Race Condition when Moving NSDocuments to iCloud

**Update:** I just re-read a cocoa-dev post from last month in which Kevin Perry from Apple states the following: > I don't see the nested uses of performSynchronousFileAccessUsingBlock: you mentioned in that code, but that's not a problem anyway, since file access is recursive, as long as it happens synchronously within the outer-most file access block (a fact that admittedly may not be documented well anywhere). That would certainly change things. Perhaps the reason that -relinquishPresentedItemToWriter: was deadlocking on me is because it calls -performActivityWithSynchronousWaiting:, not just -performSynchronousFileAccess? I'll have to experiment. * * * **Now that iCloud** is out, I can finally talk about this in a public forum. Unfortunately, the cocoa-dev mailing list is down. But I really need to get this question out there, or at least written down, because it involves one of the most confusing new APIs in Lion: -[NSDocument performSynchronousFileAccess:] (or -performAsynchronousFileAccess: if you really hate your sanity).

NSWindowController and -[NSWindow isReleasedWhenClosed]

I noticed that the Resource Programming Guide has been updated for ARC, which prompted me to investigate something that has puzzled me for a long time: how does NSWindowController interact with NSWindow's "convenience" method -isReleasedWhenClosed? It turns out that NSWindowController actually calls -setReleasedWhenClosed:NO on its window as part of -setWindow:. It doesn't matter if NSWindowController … Continue reading NSWindowController and -[NSWindow isReleasedWhenClosed]